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B.Com Part 1 Essay the importance of commerce education

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Importance of Commerce Education in Pakistan

In such a few it is but new that the popularity of the assignment declines. Download file "Commerce Education" to see previous pages I think that Commerce assist form the foundations youthful people need to make sound decisions on monetary, commerce, legal and service issues because it supply practical knowledge, skills, sympathetic and values.

Most of the Education Commissions have held that commerce education is primarily meant for providing the students in-depth knowledge of different functional areas of business so as to prepare people required by the community for the purposes of trade, commerce and industry.

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Sep 13,  · English Essay on "Importance of Commerce Education in Pakistan". The study of commerce helps in flourishing trade. The study of commerce is helpful in understanding the management, the rules and principles of business.

Commerce as a subject is very helpful to understand the usefulness of resources and income. The mixture of traditional marketing and commerce and Internet services creates a new form of marketing: e-marketing and e-commerce, that are the most common marketing tools for compnies these days.

This theories were not only analyzed in this essay, but also its modern and future possibilities, operations, effects and issues were compared.

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Commerce education essay
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