Trans fat essay

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Why Are Trans Fats Bad for You? The Disturbing Truth

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Why trans fats should be banned

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"A Consideration of the US Trans Fat Ban and its Implications on Society" Fall Final Research Essays. Article 9 of A Consideration of the US Trans Fat Ban and its Implications on American Consumers.

otherwise known as trans fat.

Trans fat is a chemically altered vegetable oil that is easy to use, cheap, lasts a long time, and. Trans fats, or trans fatty acids, are a form of unsaturated fat. Unlike saturated fats, which have no double bonds, unsaturated fats have at least one double bond in their chemical structure.

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Artificial Trans Fat Ban in New York City Essay Words | 5 Pages Section of the New York City Health Code “eliminates the use of artificial trans fat in foods stored, distributed, held for service, used in preparation of any menu item, or served in any food service establishment (1).”.

Trans Fats Ban

Trans fats are a type of fat often used in preparation of fried foods in order to enhance the flavor and, in some cases, increase the shelf life of a product, but these inexpensive, artificially produced fats have been liked to heart disease because they increase levels of bad cholesterol in the body while lowering levels of good cholesterol.

Why trans fats should be banned There is no safe level, they are not essential as an ingredient, and they are adding to the UK's widening health gaps Doctors demand ban on man-made trans fats.

Trans fat essay
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