Weighted average cost of capital: home depot, inc. essay

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Home Depot's 6 Key Financial Ratios (HD)

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Marriort : Cost of Capital

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Weighted Average Cost of Capital: Home Depot, Inc. Essay Sample

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Weighted Average Cost of Capital: Home Depot, Inc. Essay Sample

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A Beautiful Graf Rationale Frame with Original If Photo Card A beautiful weight mounted picture frame in florid relief tempting britannia metal, with a portrait talented in relief of Graf Zeppelin. The Weighted Average Cost of Capital is a measure used in finance for quantifying the cost distribution percentage for different sources of finance.

In essence, this means that the average cost of capital is ‘weighted’ on the basis of the proportional amount of similar form of capital (Lally, ). Marriott Corporation is determining the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) to use as the hurdle rates for future projects and compensation.

In determining this, there is both a portfolio rate (which includes all divisions) and rates for each individual division. However, it is clear that WACC is the average cost of capital the firm must pay, in this case Home Depot (HD), to all its investors, both debt and equity holders.

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Weighted average cost of capital: home depot, inc. essay
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