Why is glacier equilibrium line altitude important environmental sciences essay

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This research focuses on the recent variations in the annual snowline and the total glaciated area of the Nevado Coropuna in the Cordillera Ampato, Peru. Maximum snowline altitude towards the end of dry season is taken as a representative of the equilibrium line altitude of the year, which is an indirect measurement of the annual mass balance.

equilibrium line altitude, where annual snow accumulation equals annual loss through melting and sublimation, rises inland such that the alpine glaciers are at lower elevations closer to the coast and at higher elevations inland.

The annual precipitation in the glaciated area is in the range of – mm, and the annual air temperatures at equilibrium-line altitude (ELA) are estimated at −10°C. In such extremely cold and dry conditions, most of the energy is expended as the evaporation process on the glacier surface, so ablation is very weak.

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The equilibrium line is defined as the boundary between annual net ice accumulation and net ablation at the surface and is located at the upper elevation of bare ice (without refrozen firn or superimposed ice) at the end of the summer melt season.

in temperate regions, alpine glaciers are capable of eroding downward at faster rates than rivers above the equilibrium line altitude (ELA).

Although we can rule out significant peak uplift in response to local relief production, in the special case of the. Earth’s surface is the arena for most life and all human activity, yet what lies beneath our feet is as mysterious as it is familiar. Earth scientists or not, we recognize hills, mountains, glaciers, deserts, rivers, wetlands, and shorelines.

Why is glacier equilibrium line altitude important environmental sciences essay
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Are glaciers growing or retreating?